At Bowes Brooks we offer a friendly and personal service. Whether it’s effective tax planning, someone to take the strain of HMRC deadlines or advice Bowes Brooks are your Partners in Accounting.

We can do a lot more than just fill in your tax return – whilst we don’t have a secret agreement with HMRC we are trained to know exactly what you can claim for so can make sure you’re not paying too much tax. Our promise: Fixed Fees, unlimited phone calls, unlimited meetings and fee protection as standard. Initial meeting and advice always free.

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Accountancy Services to suit you

Which Business Type are You? View our accountancy packages tailored to fit common business types...

  • Sole Trader

    For sole traders, let’s get your bookkeeping up to scratch and ensure you maintain an efficient personal tax position..

  • Limited Company

    Compliance and company accounts submitted to HMRC as standard but let’s talk about your company’s financial strategy too.

  • Sub Contractor

    Are you involved with the CIS scheme? We can help you with registration details and securing an efficient personal tax position.

  • Partnership

    Partnerships are a great way to do business. Let’s ensure your partnership agreements are ship shape and liability is split evenly.

  • New Business

    A lot of businesses fail in the first few years without proper cashflow planning. Let us help you get it right and succeed.

  • Services to suit

    We know all businesses are different but for most, one of our packages provides the peace of mind that your statutory requirements are taken care of and at a price that isn't going to change.

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"Jess is AMAZING! Nothing is a problem, everything is done in good time and she’s rearranged my structure so I now pay much less tax."
Sara, Beach Kids Ltd

Help & Advice

Articles from our blog written by Jessica Brooks

What’s an Accountant for?

What’s an Accountant for?

Why does anyone need an accountant?  

How do they help me?  

What do they do anyway?

Here’s my answers to those questions:

Keeping you Legal.  We help you do your financial administration so you file everything you need to, on time, every time.

Saving Tax.  We help you save tax by making sure you do things in a way that incurs as little tax as possible.

Understanding your taxes.  Helping you understand how you are taxed, so you can plan for it.

Knowing your numbers.  Helping you understand your business by interpreting the numbers for you, so you can make decisions based on fact not just intuition.

Making you rich.  Helping you put a plan together so you can get your personal finances in order and meet your financial goals.

Budgeting and forecasting.  Planning for the future, so you can arrange your finances effectively.

Support.  Your accountant is probably one of the few people you can talk to with complete honesty about your business.  He knows the facts, so there is no need to show off or for false modesty.  

If you need any help with these, you know where we are.

Jess Brooks

Who are your best customers?

The Pareto principle or the 80–20 rule says that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.  So how might this affect you in your business?  I’d suggest that it can be profound.  If you can identify which of your clients or customers are: 

  • The 20% who produce 80% of your profits.
  • The 20% who produce 80% of your complaints and hassle. 
  • The 20% of your products that produce 80% of your profit.
  • The 20% of your sales staff that produce 80% of the sales. 
  • The 20% of your marketing that produces 80% of the results.

Then you can make decisions that will drive your profits to super success.  Of course it can be hard work analysing who are the
best and worst customers, staff or suppliers. Having identified them you can exit the troublesome ones and get to work replicating your best areas.  

The clock is ticking... just 25 days to submit your tax return.

As the adverts say ‘tax doesn’t have to be taxing’. 

In fact if your affairs aren’t that complex it could take as little as 30 minutes to complete the online form BUT you need to be registered for online filing AND you need to have all the necessary paperwork in front of you. 

And deciding which information you need is one of the parts our clients have most difficulty with. 

We are always happy to answer quick questions, even if you're not a client. So if you're feeling stressed then pick up the phone.